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From: Greg Chadwick


Fellow Traffic and Sales Seeker,

Would you like more traffic to the websites you are promoting? Would you like to build your list or make it bigger? Would you like to build your income?

Would you like to do all that for free? Of course! Who wouldn't, right?

Well I am glad you stopped by your new home for advertising that is totally different than anything you'll see lately.

You see it's this site is not a safelist, it's not a traffic exchange, it's a Text Ad Exchange!

The way it works is when you browse text ads on the site and click on the ads that catch your interest, you will earn points for viewing the websites of those ads. As long as you have points, your websites will always get guaranteed visitors! The more appealing your text ad, the more traffic you get!

You don't have to sit there and view websites you are not interested in for 30 seconds at a time. You only view websites you want to view and you earn points for doing that!

You text ads will land you guaranteed visitors because of other members viewing your websites linked to your text ads!

Not only do you get guaranteed traffic, buy you also get to email your direct referrals up to twice a week! That is huge!

You will also have access to the My Traffic Builder Downline Builder with 40 of the hottest traffic building, list building, and income generating programs on the net! When you refer other members, any programs they join will be linked to your affiliate ID's earning you credits, points, exra traffic and CASH!

By joining My Traffic Builder, you will be building your list, your traffic and your income in your favorite programs all for free...!

You can advertise for free 5 times a day! Or upgrade to Pro and advertise 15 times a day! Plus many more Pro benefits, see below.

This site is one of a kind and I encourage you to join to try it out for yourself!

Guaranteed Visitors!

Earn points for viewing other members' websites when you click on text ads and also by clicking links in solo ads.

You do NOT get points deducted from your account unless MEMBERS VIEW YOUR WEBSITE!

Free members websites will have no timer BUT Pro members' websites will have a 10 second timer creating more effective advertising for Pro members!

The Members Area features a downline builder with 40 of the hottest traffic building, list building, and income generating programs on the net!

Free members can email their referrals once a week! And Pro members can email their referrals twice a week!

Earn lots of points for referring new members!

Affordable solo ads, extra points, effective banner ads and also guaranteed traffic links!

Full stats available for your purchased advertising.

Earn FREE Advertising!

Pro members receive over $1,100 in bonuses

Pro members receive 2 free banner ads with 5,000 impressions!

Pro members can post 15 text ads EVERY DAY!

My Traffic Builder Rocks! You Have Done It Again Marv & Yanick, Way to Go!
I will be promoting My Traffic Builder in all my future advertising!
Thank You Very Much!

Ange McCrum

Marv & Yanick,

Yet once again, you have completely blown my socks off with this new way of effective advertising! I have no idea how you do it, but I hope that you continue to do it for a very long time to come!

Robert Davis

Marv & Yanick,

You have made it possible for others to succeed in the promotions of their businesses. Online marketers have found a resource that is responsive and productive.

Keep up the good work!

Fannie Butler

Wow Marv & Yanick!

My Traffic Builder Is Growing Like Crazy! What A Fantastic Brand New Way To Build And Promote Any Online Business! Success Is Assured!

Dave Roose

Marv & Yanick,

All I can say is AMAZING!!!! I never usually join a program so quick and almost never upgrade right away. But I really got excited about this program. And got signups right away. And what I think it will do for my business Great!

Let me know right away when your ready to launch another program.

Jay Gutknecht


Pro members get 2 free banners with 5,000 impressions!

1000 points every month

5000 points on joining

75 points for every ad read

1000 points for every solo ad click

2500 points for every referral

Post 15 times a day

$5.00 for every paid referral

Price: $10.00 Lifetime

Sign Up Free, Then Upgrade Inside!

500 points on joining

25 points for every ad read

750 points for every solo ad click

500 points for every referral

Post 5 times a day

$2.50 for every paid referral

Price: FREE

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Signup ONLY with a gmail or googlemail email account!

Your account will be deleted if you signup with anything else!

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See you at the top!

Greg Chadwick

P.S.  Remember - as a Pro member you will be able to post 10 more text ads each day than a free member - every single day!



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